Closing of blog!

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I decided to stop writing this blogs, as I can’t find any much time to write this blogs anymore. Anyway, you can still read some of my writings through my own myspace account: and also my twitter:

Thanks for all the readers who spend some of their times to read this blog through the past 1 year plus and hopefully I will resume back this writings in future. Thanks again.

Be safe, and remember – RESPECT EACH OTHER!


Endzweck Live in Malaysia: Tour dates confirm!

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tour poster

Endzweck (Japan) finally will hit Malaysia, and believe it or not, it will be around next week. I am so excited to see them and a chance to share the same stage with them on June 13th 2009 @ Grand Hall, MCPA will be something I’m looking forward to. I still remember listening to their CD last 5 years ago, and the excitement will never be fade for each and everyday. Be there, coz this is one of the great band who are making their way to Malaysia. This is the shit, man!

Line Up:
Takashi Uesugi
Akifumi Mochizuki
Hirohisa Yamaguchi
Yoshinori Yamaguchi
Atsushi Oku

Endzweck is probably Japan’s hardest working underground hardcore band around currently. They brings you intelligent and thought provoking hardcore music. Endzweck are a big name in Japan, and are one of the few bands that managed to turn heads in all other parts in the world as you know them, with their driving, dynamic and modern version of melodic, emotional hardcore, stuck somewhere between the new school and its roots. Similar to bands like Newborn or Shai Hulud, this is bringing anger as well as emotion, and is in my eyes still one of the most interesting versions of modern hardcore.


KL – 13th June 2009 (saturday)

Penang – 14th June 2009 (sunday)

Restraint new merch n this sunday shows

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First of all, sorry for the late updates. I’ve been so busy with works and band thingy, so I have really limited time to updates this blog. However, there’s a good news that I would like to inform you guys.

Restraint have new tshirt, concept by the band itself and come with custom made tshirt by Suicidal. It will be available at our next show @ JB. So, JB kids, get the shirt, ok? For others, wait for the upcoming info through myspace.

Other than that, have a nice weekend everyone. Be Safe!


jb show

This Weekend Showcase

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22/5/09 (Burgerkill in Singapore)

23/5/09 (Burgerkill in Ipoh)

23/5/09 (Noisy Studio)

Have Heart – RIP

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Patrick Flynn, “It’s time to go home again

Another great bands announced their departure, and it is unbelievable it is Have Heart. Luckily, we can still see them lives tomorrow @ MCPA as it will be their first and last performance ever in Malaysia. So, I hope to see some of you boys and girls in MCPA tomorrow. Give em some shout before they calling it quits. Be a part of this moment coz you won’t be able to have this chance again in future.

Words from Have Heart :

Once the Fall rolls around, we can’t really do this band the way we would prefer to anymore. Knowing this deadline of ours and having a whole world tour already booked, we’d like to take advantage of the chance to say goodbye to all the people we have met around the world over the years.

So, please come check us out in the remaining months on our little trip around the globe. So far Asia has been a wonderful experience and we’re very happy to have had the chance to meet so many kind people and look forward to the rest of Asia.

We will be playing our last show on this year’s National Edge Day on October 17th 2009 with a bunch of our friends bands and a sweet guest. It will be somewhere T accessible in the Boston area. It will also be a benefit for a women’s shelter in New Bedford, MA, run by my kind mother.

It’s been a nice 7 years and we’d like to thank all the unique hardcore kids and bands we have encountered. And in the words of DFJ, thanks to all the shit talkers for all the material to get off on. But, really….we have met so many wonderful people who we’ll just never forget.

It’s been so great. Take care and hope to see you over the next couple months”

-Patrick Flynn / HH
HAVE HEART: 2002 – 2009

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KIDS ON THE MOVE “changes” out 18/5/09

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Nothing could excite me more other than this news. Can be consider as one of the most hardworking hardcore band around from Malaysia, Kids On The Move (KOTM) will have their new releases (entitled: Changes) on May 18th 2009. For you guys in Singapore, you must be very lucky as KOTM will have their release party at FAD Media on May 18th together with a supporting act of Breakeven (Australia), Final Attack (Indonesia) and many more.

To have a first glance of the new CD, KOTM have uploaded 3 tracks in their myspace page:
1. Helping Hands
2. A Fallen Man
3. Make or Break
(*all lyrics included)

Changes is brought to you by Ceasefire Records. Click HERE to get your copy

In the meantime, do check out some of KOTM upcoming show(s):
May 16 – MCPA (w/Have Heart, Burgerkill, Breakeven)
May 18 – FAD Media, Singapore (“Changes” release show)
May 23 – Ipoh (Burgerkill tour)

Kids On The Move
Ceasefire Records


*To KOTM, good luck on your new CD! Great effort!

30/5/09 – Black N Blue Bowl festival

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This is going to be a great event. Although there is no possibilities for me to be there, but just want to share with you guys on this very exciting events. The whole line up is awesome as hell, and this is what hardcore fest we want to be.

Amongst line up includes the great Earth Crisis, Bold, Crown of Thornz, Killing Time, Indecision, Murphy’s Law, Walls of Jericho, Terrorzone, Sub-Zero (final show), Stigmata, Urban Waste, Second to None, Son of Skam, Mongloids, Backtrack, and a special guest.

Doors for the Matinee event are at 2 p.m.; Studio B is located at 259 Banker Street in Brooklyn. The show is all ages this year; you must have valid ID and be 21 to drink. Disposable cameras only. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. On March 31, they will be available at Generation Records (210 Thompson Street, NYC), Lotus Tattoo (291 W Main Street, Sayville, NY), Brooklyn Monster Factory (493 7th Ave., Brooklyn / cash only) and online at A percentage of the ticket sales will go to Built on Respect.

The event will be taped in full by Convoy Films, which released the BNB Bowl:2008 DVD that is available now internationally.

click HERE to purchase your ticket